Alien Objects started as an Instagram account to Marie-Kondo my life.
From perfumes, bags, shoes, to nail clipper and apartment, I was selling almost everything I had,
in search of something else.

Among all my almost-but-never-made-it careers; from architecture, music, hospitality, to technology, it is always in perfumes I find solace and peace at night.
Alone, in bed.
Thinking, dreaming, closing my eyes before I know it.
Onto another dimension, an alien in a borrowed new world.

One day, a lady purchased a bottle of J’adore and I decided to make a perfume for her.
She texted back and wanted to order a full bottle.
That’s when I decided to come back to perfumery.

As alien as it may seem, everything we search for is always within.

May you find love, peace, and happiness in the universe.

Always and forever.

Lucky Heng



1. How would you describe the scents of Alien Objects?
Clean, simple, free, refined and balanced.

2. Is there a gender in perfumery?
I believe any scent is unisex. No ice creams are made only for children, no pinks are only for girls, no cigarettes are only for men, no roses are only for women. Embrace who you are and the wonder of scents will love you back.

3. How long do Alien Objects perfumes last?
A perfume’s longevity depends on many factors, including skin type, weather condition, to activities. There is no correlation between the price of a perfume with its longevity, nor is there a guarantee that an Eau de Parfum (EDP) should or will last longer than an Eau de Toilette (EDT). A perfume that contains 1% of oud oil may last longer than those that contain 10% of bergamot oil. Just like paintings and jewelry, a perfume should not only be measured by its size (longevity) but also many others. Some detergents and air refreshers last longer than costly perfumes. However, a good perfume in general should at least last 4-6 hours, regardless of the price and concentration.

4. Should a good perfume have powerful projection?
The answer lies in each individual’s preference. Some like their perfume discreet, some like it loud, depending on the place and time. Again there is no correlation between a good perfume with its projection. It is like choosing between a simple Calvin Klein slip dress or Versace couture, a Rothko or a Pollock.

5. What is your suggestion in finding the right perfume?
Believe in yourself. If you like it, you like it. Forget about the price, the rarity, the ego. Some are still looking for the perfect scent despite having purchased thousands of bottles of perfumes, some are happy and content with the only bottle they have. Just like shoes or lipsticks, any collectibles, friends and partners in life. Every search is a process, and in time we will find the one.

6. What is your message to perfume wearers?
Travel more with your perfumes. Create stories, moments and memories. Oftentimes, the perfumes that we love are the ones that have meaning to us. The true love for scents is always a genuine one. It doesn’t have to be over-the-top, it can be as simple as the smell of freshly squeezed lemon juice that our grandmother made or the smell of jasmine from an unforgettable trip with our dear one.

7. What is your inspiration behind creating Alien Objects perfumes?
I take inspirations from the people around me, experiences and travels. A person’s interpretation of scents may change over time. That being said, my interpretation of a “Good Night” or “Paris” may also change over time. People change, weathers change, cities change. After all, nothing is forever.

8. Will a perfume I order today smell differently from the one I order in the future?
Most likely but not much. Every bottle of Alien Objects perfumes is hand-made; therefore any difference should be viewed as a natural character of the object. Different seasons and time of the year produce different tastes of grape. Different calf makes different bags. Different mood makes different taste of pasta. Embrace the nature and each will feel even more special.

9. What is the process like when ordering a custom-made perfume?
The process is as simple as making a new friend. Start by introducing yourself, sharing your story, or any photograph. A title or description would be helpful. Basically you may share literally anything on your mind through Instagram DM, or Whatsapp chat or call. Don’t see me as your perfumer, but also a friend, a therapist, and a listener. It will be a fun and memorable one.

10. Can I return or change my purchase if I don’t like it?
Unfortunately no. Among our purchases, some become our favorite, some end up on Ebay. Some become our husband or wife, some end up at other’s home. Some are taken for granted, and some are only appreciated after a while or a decade. We all find our way into each other for a reason and meet for a reason. Just let the universe work its magic and Que Sera, Sera..